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Blue Light Spells Danger

What is blue light?

It’s a visible part of the light spectrum, so it’s not the same as UV light. It has a short wavelength, which means it produces high amounts of energy. While some types of blue light can be beneficial for our health and skin, it can also be harmful, depending on the intensity, duration, and timing of exposure.

What are the main sources of blue light exposure?

💡 Lighting
📱 Digital devices
☀ Sunlight

How much blue light does the sun emit?

25-30% of light from the sun is blue light.

How much UV light does the sun emit?

5% of light from the sun is UV.

Although blue light from the sun is going to have more of an effect on skin, the cumulative effect of our digital devices, particularly on those with sensitive skin, is going to have an impact too. Tests have shown that 5 days in front of a digital screen could be equal to 25 minutes in the midday sun without protection, and 30 hours’ exposure to a phone or laptop screen could increase the inflammation level in skin cells by 40%.
Note also that blue light can penetrate glass, so sitting next to a window will increase your exposure to damaging light if you’re indoors.

How does blue light damage skin?

It creates free radicals, which lead to lines and wrinkles.
It causes inflammation, which results in redness.
It damages skin cells, which leads to poor healing and pigmentation.
It damages the skin’s lipid layer, which results in dryness.
It damages collagen, which results in sagging and lack of elasticity.

The good news is that Skin Blue Filter will repair and protect skin, as well as shielding it from blue light.

What is Skin Blue Filter?

It contains five super-protecting ingredients:
💊 Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin cell membrane and which is the first line of defence against blue light.
💊 Olive fruit, which is an anti-inflammatory and protector.
💊 Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which work together to improve skin tone, increase luminance and improve elasticity.
💊 Biotin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

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Trials have shown …
Having examined the lipid layer between skin cells before and after exposure to blue light, testers were given one supplement a day for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks results showed that the skin’s lipid layer was thickened and healed, and remained improved after further exposure to blue light damage.
Skin Blue Filter supplements not only repaired damage to skin from blue light, but also protected skin from future blue light exposure by 60%. Other improvements included increased hydration, an increase in skin smoothness, a reduction in wrinkles, a decrease in redness, and increased skin barrier integrity.

These before and after pictures show results after testers took one supplement a day for 8 weeks.

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